TRUE MAGIC: Art of Sunnmøre is more than just a book, it’s an attempt to show the diversity and beauty of the Sunnmøre region of Norway through the lenses of ten remarkable photographers. Being one of the ten photographers, my contributing chapter aims to convey the beauty of the sea and incredible encounters below the ocean surface - where true magic can be found.




For me, the true magic is in the ocean. The wild seas are so close, so familiar, but still like a stranger, keeping its secrets. To divers, there is another submerged world to be explored. Below the surface, a blue liquid planet awaits, where I can soar weightlessly through lush kelp forests and swim with silvery schools of fish, eye to eye with creatures that look like they are from another galaxy – all to the quiet sound of my own breathing. But it is also a fragile and threatened world. Today, more than ever, our oceans must be treated with respect and used with prudence and wisdom."
Lill Haugen, Art of Sunnmøre.

These are a taste of my underwater photos found in the book Art of Sunnmøre - all shot in the Sunnmøre region, the area where I was born and raised - the place I call home.

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The photographers of Art of Sunnmøre:
John Colbensen
Lill Haugen
Åsmund Keilen
Arnfinn Tönnesen
Stian Wiik
Geir Otlo Jartveit
Kenneth Enstad
Mattias Fredriksson
Geir Magne Sætre
og Håvard Myklebust

Editor: Fredrik Sigurdh og Alvaro Susena

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