Underwater photography by Lill Haugen

UNDER THE SURFACE: lillhaugen.com contains a selection of images, created under the ocean surface by underwater photographer and journalist Lill Haugen.


WORLD WIDE: The pictures are shot on different locations all over the world, from the murky fjords of Norway - to the colorful lagoons of the South Pacific islands. The images range from cold water kelp forests to tropical coral reefs, from tiny critters to big sharks, rays, turtles, sea snakes and marine mammals. 




TRUE MAGIC: Art of Sunnmøre is more than just a book, it’s an attempt to show the diversity and beauty of the Sunnmøre region of Norway through the lenses of ten remarkable photographers. Being one of the ten photographers, my contributing chapter aims to convey the beauty of the sea and incredible encounters below the ocean surface - where true magic can be found.




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Third gold medal in underwater photography

GOLD MEDAL: The annual Norwegian Championship in Underwater photography was hosted by Herøy Dykkerklubb 21-25th of August 2013. All participants was allowed three dives, to shoot one selected image for each of the five categories - no editing allowed. I was very pleased to win the overall gold medal for the third time, with all my five images ranked in top 3. Congrats to Vidar Skålevik with the silver medal and Bjørnar Nygård who got the bronze - thanks everyone for a great competition-weekend!

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