Underwater photography by Lill Haugen

UNDER THE SURFACE: lillhaugen.com contains a selection of images, created under the ocean surface by underwater photographer and journalist Lill Haugen.


WORLD WIDE: The pictures are shot on different locations all over the world, from the murky fjords of Norway - to the colorful lagoons of the South Pacific islands. The images range from cold water kelp forests to tropical coral reefs, from tiny critters to big sharks, rays, turtles, sea snakes and marine mammals. 



Cocos Island – BIG diving!

SHARK ISLAND: In the middle of a school of hammerheads, stingrays and fish the senses are overloaded, and camera strobes going hot - we hardly even notice the tiger shark cruising past! Cocos Island is one of few places in the world where hammerhead sharks still gather in large shoals. The main reason why sharks love Cocos are the cleaning stations.

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Diving in Komodo
Lady bug komodo

WATER BUGS: The strong currents of Komodo National Park in Indonesia brings out extraordinary life – embrace yourself to meet komodo dragons, come face to face with schools of manta rays, admire grazing turtles, munching on amazing soft corals, and schools of fish – and the most amazing amphipods, the “lady bug”. 

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